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Other modules


Other powerful and complex system modules:

  • Logistics

  • International Trade

  • Human Resources 

  • Payroll

  • Service

  • Treasury (Banks)

  • Production (Bottlers)

  • Production (Textile)

  • Production (Poultry)

  • Management



Corporate and branch control:

  • It automatically extracts, analyzes, compresses, groups and registers the statistical information of each product in each branch month by month. In the same way, it records administrative and fiscal information related to each day, box and branch.

  • Contains and shares product stock information at each location automatically updated online and verified multiple times a day

  • Automatically cross transfer and purchase operations to calculate the merchandise in transit for each product in each branch

  • Provides the information base for the calculation of averages in branch replenishment and purchase orders

  • Provides non-stop service to branches to obtain price changes.

  • Concentrates and disseminates the printing formats for the various types of documents handled in the company

  • Concentrates and manages the behavior of the branches




Advanced module for reading orders raised at the expo or branches for delivery at any branch.

Expo Order Revaluation Calculation:

  • The special discount level of the most favorable directory for the client (expo/branch) is taken

  • The price of the product in Expo is calculated including normal discount and special discount (there is a price table for each expo date since prices vary as the event progresses)

  • The price of the product in branch is calculated including normal discount and special discount

  • The most favorable to the customer is applied

  • Receipt analyzer module that details, product by product, the discounts and criteria applied when revaluing Expo orders in foreign stores, thus facilitating the breakdown and analysis of the receipt and the attached credit notes



  • Hierarchy of access at all levels

  • How much is user encrypted with expiration and passwords

  • Connection to international control servers and date/time synchronization for local validation of procedures

  • Extensive log log for system events (who did it, when, where, what time, how it was before and how it was after)

  • Quick handling for cashier supervisors (badge, credential or barcode card) for authorizations, returns, cancellations, etc.


Compression and encrypted storage in the CFDI document database

Includes new fields for IEPS control

Generic Product Description

Alcohol content of the product

container capacity

Indicator when the client/supplier is the cause of the IEPS

Internal notification systems and various tools:

  • Automatic local or remote backups, compression and encryption

  • Local autonomous operation allows to continue the sale if there is no Internet connection

  • Corporate/branch/terminal task scheduler to perform all kinds of system functions based on pre-established schedules

  • Internal notification system

  • Assignable to practically any event of the system in local query or by electronic sending.

  • Open configuration of equipment for specific activities: price checker, entry/exit staff checker, collection box, customer service, general box, administration, etc.

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