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Warehouse Module



  • Manual reception, with scanner or on purchase/replenishment order

  • Batch registration and expiration

  • Immediate validation of discrepancies vs. purchase order and invoice with generation and instant sending of a credit note request to the supplier for missing or rejected merchandise

  • Scanning with recognition for immediate sending of documents to the office and not losing special discounts for early payment


  • Differentiated delivery control

  • Smart picking/packing allocation

  • Distribution of workloads for order preparation

  • Segmentation and distribution of orders according to specific warehouse (sweets, cereals, diapers, candles, etc.)

  • Segmentation and distribution of orders according to volume (medium-wholesale gate, wholesale gate, large wholesale gate, etc.)

  • Scanner delivery on request or ticket previously charged 


Dynamic stock control 

The existence is presented to the user from different points of view, depending on the department and the needs:

  • Physical existence​

  • available stock

  • Merchandise in transit

  • Goods to receive

  • Committed merchandise (orders)


Automatic replenishment orders based on multiple anticipation, statistical and budget models. The replenishment request presents a request from a branch to CEDIS or another branch in order to replenish its stock to an adequate level or to be able to supply special events.

The system operates with two types of requests:

  • Request for transfer (res01): The branch or CEDIS that is going to supply downloads the order. If the requesting branch belongs to the same company name, the request (res01) becomes an internal warehouse transfer preform (alm02).

  • Request for sale (res02): The branch or CEDIR that is going to suffer downloads the order. If the requesting branch belongs to a different company name, then the request (res02) becomes an order (ped01)

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