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Branch server module


The system allows to define from the central tool in the corporate the execution of any internal or external module in the branch server.

Sound servers

When detecting price changes, the system launches the application to the store's sound system in the internal module. 

Price change servers

Each branch independently performs its price check and configurable time intervals.


Sound server

  • It has the possibility of customizing this module in a configurable external file.

  • Elaboration of a list with names of lines or departments of the newly arrived price changes generated with synthesized voice the message will be heard on the loudspeaker of the store

  • Each configurable period of time the notice is issued as long as there are price changes pending to be applied

Price change server

  • The branch automatically records the hour, minute and second of its last price change and updates from the moment provided immunity to temporary internet disconnections

  • Possibility of replicating price changes from any instant in time to any branch

  • The price change server can feed several databases depending on whether it is located within the same server or one that belongs to other branches and handles individual prices and conditions.

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